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How can I receive additional information on a product?

To receive more information about our products, choose one of the following options:

See the section Products and search for the article of your interest.

Request the General Catalog Gen-Art compiling the appropriate form.

Contact our Customer Care to speak with our Technical Department or with a specialized reference Agent

What are the conditions and how to return a purchased product?

Requests for Exchanges or Returns must be communicated no later than 10 days from receipt of the purchased products. After this period, if the Customer finds hidden defects that cannot be identified by carrying out a normal general check, he must communicate them in writing to Gen-Art within 8 days following their discovery. The communication must be made using the appropriate form and / or by contacting the reference Agent, specifying the Customer Code (for Gen-Art customers) and the Company Name. In the communication it will be necessary to indicate the product purchased and the willingness to withdraw from the purchase or to make an exchange. Our Customer Service will reply via e-mail or telephone depending on the choice indicated, giving authorization for the return of the goods only after careful verification. Economic reimbursement is provided only in the condition in which the Customer receives an item with manifest defects or different from the one purchased. For more information see the section Changes and Returns, or, contact our Customer Care.

How can I find my local Agent?

To find the Gen-Art Agent for your area, please send a request to ours Customer Care filling out the here without forgetting to specify this request in the field Your message, or contact Customer Service directly on 06 9349.11.22, active from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.

I lost the component of an article: can I order it individually?

For some specific products the reordering of single components is foreseen. The request can be sent by filling in the following here. Do not forget to indicate in the field your message the product code and the type of component to be requested. Our operators will take charge of the request to find a solution in the shortest possible time.

What are the warranty conditions on Gen-Art branded products?

Gen-Art guarantees that the products traded through the channels officially accredited against manufacturing defects or material, in accordance with the following provisions and for a duration of 12 months from the date of delivery, where and without limitation documented by valid transport or purchase documents.

In the event that the goods sold show manifest defects, the Customer with valid title must submit a written complaint to Gen-Art through the channels prepared by the latter by contacting the reference Gen-Art agent within 10 working days following the receipt of the goods. If, once this term has elapsed, the Customer finds hidden defects that cannot be identified by carrying out a normal general check, the Customer must notify Gen-Art in writing within 8 days of their discovery. If the complaint does not arrive in writing within the aforementioned term, the delivered goods are considered accepted and the Customer loses all warranty rights.

For more information go to the page Guarantees.

Where can I find the Gen-Art Catalog?

Fill here and you will receive the General Catalog within a few minutes!

Alternatively, consult the Catalogs and Brochures Section to browse through all the GEN-ART product families.

How can I sign up for Gen-Art Webinars?

To register for our online courses, just consult the page Next Courses in the section Education and click on the item Book corresponding to the course of interest. In this way you will access the registration form for the selected course, to be filled in with personal data.

How can I send you my Curriculum Vitae?

Are you a professional who wants to share his experience with us and enter the world of Gen-Art? See the section Career to find out the open positions that may be of interest to you. Or simply send us your Curriculum Vitae by selecting the item spontaneous application in dedicated form.