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Professional Chemistry

Professional Chemistry

Research and Development translated into a large quantity of chemical preparations and professional products of innovative technology and affirmed efficiency become a benchmark in the area of expertise.

The best of chemistry at the service of your business

Professional formulations with high performance, able to respond with superior quality solutions to all maintenance needs. Ideal for professional and targeted interventions on Auto, Moto, Truck. Within this assortment are present:

Technic's Professional professional formulations with high performance, high quality solutions for every need.
Technic's Nanotechnology a powerful innovation that has generated market-leading products.
Technic’s Advanced Series. protective treatments for cars, motorcycles, agricultural and industrial sectors.
Gen-Art Protective professional line of protective products with a wide field of application.
Sanitation Line with certified PMC products for the rapid disinfection of vehicle interiors and highly frequented environments.
• Car Wash Line products designed for all vehicle washing phases.
• Greases and Lubrication complete line of products for professional lubrication.
• Spray paints highly reliable formulations, with excellent yield and many other products for any type of intervention.

Product Catalog

catalog of protective chemicals disinfectants gen-art

Advanced Formulations

Supporting your business with reliable solutions that make the difference, this is the mission behind the line of Gen-Art chemical formulations.

  • Professional formulations
  • Advanced technology
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Wide product range
  • Tested on millions of vehicles
  • Certified quality