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X-VOLT power tools

pneumatic equipment gen-art ratchet guns

X-VOLT power tools

Lightness and ergonomics for prolonged use and extreme precision work.

Power is in Lightness

Lightweight and easy to handle, made with comfortable and soft construction materials, perfect for prolonged use, reduce the fatigue of hands and arms. Maximum degree of practicality thanks to the powerful lithium batteries. Furthermore, the absence of the thread guarantees maximum freedom of movement, ease of transport and use in confined spaces. Equipped with engines brushless, which, unlike those with brushes, have a simpler mechanical structure and above all without contact between the stator and the motor axis, guaranteeing longer life and no maintenance.

12V cordless drill driver

Lithium technology, for screwing and drilling. Compact and lightweight design. 20 tightening torque settings for greater tightening precision.

20V cordless impact wrench

High power screwdriver equipped with 2 x 4 Ah batteries with XR Lithium technology. Equipped with a powerful motor that provides up to 950 Nm of torque when unlocking.