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Headlights Restore – Professional headlight restoration kit


Restores yellowed and weather-damaged polycarbonate headlights.

Headlights Restore KIT

Treatment based on a special liquid polymer which, when vaporised when heated, restores the anti-UV film and gives new shine to the headlights. Eliminates scratches and stains, solves yellowing, dulling and oxidation problems. Extends the life of the headlight and gives new shine. Easy to apply, recommended kit for professional restoration.

Also regard
la Safety we report:

Cleaning of opacified car headlights: compulsory according to Art. 79 of the Highway Code

Fields of use

Car Body



Car showrooms

Car washes

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Full treatment for 6 pairs of headlights - 100% active
Eliminates scratches, stains, dullness, oxide