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POWER-X lamps

power x-led cob led electric tools lamps

High performance lamps for all work phases. Certified quality.

COB LED professional lamps

The POWER-X range offers lamps equipped with COB LED technology that guarantees powerful and adaptable lighting in any situation. Compact, light, portable, flexible and extendable, POWER-X lamps are an indispensable tool for the professional. Rechargeable and certified as standard, the POWER-X range guarantees high-level performance over time.

High performance portable lamp

Latest generation ultra-thin COB LED lamp, allows you to illuminate a wider surface than traditional LEDs.

Extendable under hood lamp

It allows you to work on any type of vehicle by illuminating the interior of the engine compartment or the passenger compartment for easy maintenance.

COB LED Rechargeable Lamp

Rechargeable lamp with base or Usb cable, guarantees a very powerful light of 600 lumens. Also equipped with SMD Led in the upper part.

Compact Led Lamp

Lamp with aluminum structure and small size, ultra compact and ultra light, useful for any type of work.