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POLAR Line – Air Conditioning Line

POLAR line

Air Conditioning Line. Products for the maintenance of the A/C system.

Complete line for maintenance

The air conditioning system directly affects the health of the vehicle and above all of the passengers. The AC system therefore requires constant attention, which can prevent moisture-related damage or loss of coolant. POLAR is the range of products for professional use for maintenance of all A/C systems among the most complete present on the market, a range whose strong point is practicality of use and modern formulations. The effectiveness of the POLAR line cannot be seen, but you "breathe"!

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POLAR OIL Universal

for R134a and R1234yf A/C systems

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POLAR Oil E-mobility

Hybrid and Electric Cars

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Tracer for A/C systems

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POLAR Leak Stop YF

Leak stopper with UV tracer

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POLAR Tracer leak stopper

for R134a gas A/C systems

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POLAR FreezeUp

Booster for R134a

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POLAR Wash Aero

A / C system washing kit

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A/C pipes

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