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MOUSE Flame inhibitor

Extremely compact and safe, weighing only 480gr, it guarantees an extinguishing capacity comparable to the one of a traditional 2 kg powder fire extinguisher.

The practical and effective flame inhibitor

MAUS flame inhibitor, equipped with a special aerosol mixture of potassium powder. A safe and unique method for extinguishing fires from fuels (petrol, diesel, alcohol, etc.), electrical circuits up to 75000 Volts, gas, cooking oil / grease, general oils, wood, plastic, synthetic and non-synthetic cloths . The unique structural features combined with the innovative weaponry concept make it easy to use, efficient and safe. Through a fine dispersion generated by the vaporization and subsequent condensation of the substance, Maus is suitable as an additional unit against any fire starting.

Thanks to a controlled flow emission system, it does not cause dangerous backfires if the fire should persist. The design equipped with a fixing plate and the small size allow MAUS to be positioned anywhere on the vehicle. It does not leave residues, does not dirty, does not deteriorate or damage the surfaces. MAUS is environmentally friendly, non-toxic to the environment.

RINA certified (CSST 9203) as a recreational boat fire extinguisher / flame inhibitor, and of course CE certified, it is allowed as emergency equipment on board.



No residue, the potassium mixture does not damage the electronics, the vehicle interior or the engine. A real innovation!

Only 480 gr for 24 cm of length. Practicality, lightness and easy accessibility are the most important features when it comes to fire protection.

The unit does not rely on pressure like in a conventional fire extinguisher. No annual review, no maintenance.

Powerful 3 m jet for a duration of 9/10 seconds. This allows quick and easy extinguishing of any fire starting.

Potassium aerosol is 100% non-toxic and does not carry away oxygen. Potassium encapsulates the burning particles and prevents them from reigniting.

Easy and intuitive to operate, you don't need to be a specialist, just pull the safety pin, point and press the yellow button.

Technical Sheet

light flame inhibitor data sheet


  • Materials: Plastic and Metal
  • Length 242mm
  • Diameter 53mm
  • Weight :: 480 gr
  • Fire Class (according to certificate) B - Gas, C - Burning fuel (gasoline, oil, diesel etc).
  • Operating temperature: -28 ° C- + 48 ° C
  • Extinction time: 9 seconds
  • Extinguishing: Potassium mix (environmentally friendly)
  • Jet Length: 3 meters
  • Certification: CE, Rina and BAM
  • It does not require annual review
  • It has no expiry date