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Specific Small parts

Small Parts

A vast assortment of car body screws. You can find hardware such as buttons, caps, cable ties, nut screws, multi-thread u-type nuts, plates, hole caps and screw covers, clips, screws, washers, rubbers, rivets and much more. Over 1.300 references in the most diverse materials: plastic, steel, nylon, polyethylene, pvc, epdm, silicone, etc.

Many references with certified quality

 Gen-Art supplies small parts for assembly in the following sectors: automotive, commercial and industrial vehicles, bodywork, industry, boating and model making. We carry out rigorous statistical process checks at regular intervals on all items. Each batch of material, before being loaded into the warehouse, is double-checked on a sample basis, to guarantee customers supplies that comply with their specifications. We offer our customers a quick service as regards the availability of the most common standard and non-standard products on the market. From the site it is possible to request quotes and offers of buttons or download the PDF catalog.

Product Catalog

fixing elements small parts specific to car models

Small parts perfect for your work

Fundamental items for the assembly of a complete product with an excellent finish. In compliance with international regulatory standards.

  • Superior quality
  • Certified quality
  • Resistance to vibrations and atmospheric agents
  • Tested in millions of vehicles
  • Guaranteed availability