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Nanotechnology Snake Line


New dispensing and updated formulations for prestigious products with an incredible breadth of fields of use and high performance levels.

The best of chemistry at the service of your business

Technic's Nanotechnology SNAKE Line is the latest evolution of Technic's Nanotechnology range, which has always been synonymous with professional quality and surprising results! Developed for professionals, the new formulations make work easier in any situation! There new dispensing with flexible cannula allows you to reach a degree of practicality in use never seen before. 20,5 cm long, it can be folded maintaining the shape in which it is positioned and reaching inaccessible areas without resorting to disassembly. The 360 ​​° valve allows the product to be dispensed in all positions even with the can upside down, making it versatile to carry out any job with excellent results.

Main Features and Advantages:

  • Extreme stability of the molecular structure
  • Free of silicone and chlorinated solvents
  • Flexible straw that maintains the chosen position
  • Effortless and precise application
  • It reaches inaccessible areas without disassembly
  • Double position dispensing
  • 360 ° valve for continuous delivery even upside down
  • It does not stain any surface
  • Multisector
  • Professional format 600ML


TECHNIC'S means choosing treatments at the top of the category and formulations with a high chemical profile. Suitable for professional use in the workshop or for use in the industrial field.

"Molecular Nanotechnology (MNT, Molecular Nanotechnology) it allows you to modify the properties of matter by intervening directly on the individual molecules. By controlling the material on a dimensional scale of less than one meter, it is possible to produce products on a scale of infinitesimal values, a fundamental aspect of matter on a lower dimensional scale. "


New Nanotechnological Line

NT501 Snake
Ultra Enter Fluid Unlocker

Double chemical module formula. Unlocks two mechanically joined parts, fast and long lasting. Multi-sector application.

NT601 Snake
Ultra lubricant

High quality lubricant wherever constant lubrication is required. It operates at high operating temperatures from -30 ° C to + 150 ° C.

NT503 Snake
Unlocking Ultra Injectors

Specific for injectors, it solves the seizure allowing the easy extraction of the component. High sliding property, long service life.

Lubrication test

Performed with a Friziometric Machine

Comparative product NT SNAKE

Coating effect

Performed with a Friziometric Machine

Lubricating oil is a liquid mixture that has the main purpose of lubricating the moving parts between them. However, there are times when the mechanical components are in conditions of "precarious lubrication":

  • Starts, friction and wear are very high resulting in massive wear
  • At high temperatures, the oil becomes thinner and loses its lubricating power
  • Abrupt variations in load such as violent acceleration, the dynamic lubricating film is interrupted

In these moments the metal-metal contact occurs which generates friction and consequent severe wear. To overcome these limits, we resort to formulations with "COATING" effect, capable of coating the surface of metals. This treatment makes the surfaces self-lubricating even in situations of extreme lubrication (boundary lubrication). It follows that even in moments of lack or absence of dynamic lubrication, the metals are protected and there is no wear.


Submicronic Anti-Wear

High anti-wear and anti-friction coefficient, avoids premature wear of moving parts. Advanced protection.

NT601 Ultra Lubricant H1

It solves the assembly and disassembly of mechanical assemblies, pump groups, fittings. Protects from rust.

NT501 Enter Fluid Ultra Unblocking

Double chemical module unlocking fluid. Unlock any mechanically joined part.

NT503 Enter Fluid Injectors

Unlocking fluid injectors, resolves encrustations, deposits and seizure of pumping elements. Concentrated formula with double function: penetrating and lubricating.

T301 IB Clean Regenerating Detergent for Electric and Hybrid Motors

It cleanses and regenerates electric motors, stators, rotors, armatures, collectors and contact brushes, alternators.

T303 Electro Universal Cleaner Electrical Contacts

Detergent for electrical contacts, control units, connectors, sensors, potentiometers, solenoid valves, HI-FI systems, smartphones.

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