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Technic’s Advanced Series.

TDB Technic's Specialist Line

A powerful innovation that has given rise to prestigious products with high performance levels.

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Decisive products in daily operations. A powerful innovation that has given rise to prestigious products that create tangible value. The rangeTDB of TECHNIC'S Advanced Series is made up of high performance professional formulations, able to meet all maintenance needs. The range includes products dedicated to the protection of the lubrication and fuel systems of modern Diesel, Petrol, Hybrid and LPG engines. TECHNIC'S TDB technology produces excellent results by improving the productivity of engines for more efficient performance, more durable engines, reduced consumption while respecting the environment.

Innovative chemicals, raw materials of the highest quality, permanent controls and compliance with the highest specifications guarantee you unbeatable quality and unique advantages. Particularly suitable for professional use in the workshop or for use in the industrial field.

TECHNIC'S Advanced Series TDB Range

TDB07 Submicronic Anti-Wear Lubricant

Deeply regenerates the fuel system and injectors, restores optimal operating conditions.

TDB06 Professional cleaner for lubrication system

Deep cleaning inside the engine, solvent-free, with high detergent and dispersing power.

TDB-HYBRID 4 in 1 Submicronic Treatment for Hybrid engines

Latest generation hi-tech system specific for the needs of all Hybrid Petrol and Diesel engines.

TDB07 GPL Submicronic Anti-Wear Lubricant, Petrol / LPG

Eliminates traces of humidity and pollutants from the LPG tank. High detergent and lubricant capacity.

Technic's TDB07 - HIGHTECH SUPER LUBES - TÜV Certified

TDB HYBRID - Lubricant
wear-proof application

TDB07 GPL - Submicronic Anti-Wear Petrol / LPG Lubricant

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