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Wide range of products dedicated to trucks and commercial vehicles. A wide selection of articles for every classification and each type of need. Original spare parts and products tested on millions of vehicles that certify the quality and proficiency of the solutions.

Wide range of products and quality control

In the current scenario it is fundamental for transport companies to have a reduction in costs no longer linked to the sole use, but to the entire life cycle of the vehicle. Gen-Art offers a whole range of specific articles dedicated to industrial and commercial vehicles for road installation (accessories, safety kit, signs and tapes for marking space and special loads), electrical installation maintenance (spare parts for lighting and electrical systems in general), overhaul of braking systems (piping and related fittings), maintenance and repair of tires at last securing load systems.

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Reliable performance

Highly qualified and essential products that guarantee an accurate solution for all processing phases.

  • Wide range of products
  • Certified quality
  • Original spare parts
  • Tested on millions of vehicles