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Comprehensive monitoring to support the fastest setup on the market.

TPMS valve solutions

Hamaton Automotive Technology Co. Ltd is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of TPMS (tire pressure monitoring systems) and tire valve products for both original equipment (OE) and aftermarket sales and genuine replacement parts ( OE-R).

H47 diagnostic unit with OBDII basic tool

H47 diagnostic unit with built-in OBDII module, can quickly configure all EU-Pro/T-Pro generations, program Hybrid 3.5 sensors, create, clone, manually insert or (from the vehicle ECU), retrieve IDs.

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H56 diagnostic unit with OBDII advanced tool

The H56 unit with built-in OBDII module, can quickly configure EU-Pro generations, programs NFC/3.5 hybrid sensors and reads 100% of OEM and OEM-R sensors.

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Service kit for TPMS sensors

Provides a selection of the most popular sensor replacement parts, covering 99% of European direct TPMS enabled vehicles.

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