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The best ever

The license plate holder that has conquered the market with numerous innovations.

Winner® origin and characteristics

Since its first patent in 1997 WINNER® is the market leading license plate holder with unique structural and functional characteristics. The ribs perimeter allow a safe accommodation of the plate, the central fixing system, consisting of a series of bosses in action opposed to the fastening buttons, it avoids any type of vibration ensuring maximum impact resistance. Reduced thickness, maximum strength, unique fasteners make of WINNER® the ideal license plate holder for any vehicle and motorcycle.

The New Digital Perfection

digital 3d printing winner plate support

WINNER exceeds il Accelerated Aging Test with flying colors! Another important recognition that certifies the high quality by Winner!
Giordano Institute has submitted Winner to accelerated aging examination, evaluating the Print quality of the product with the highest grades. Founded nel 1959 Giordano Institute operates in the field of product certification and laboratory tests on materials. A state-of-the-art technical body in Product, Certification, Research and Design testing with a unique set of tools in Italy for versatility and completeness. Thanks to its test laboratories and to the numerous awards, accreditations and ministerial authorizations Istituto Giordano is a precious interlocutor in the development of projects and products that require high certified quality standards.
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Definition of Superior Print

Maximum definition printing with double four-color process. Unreachable color depth from common prints silk-screen printing e digital.

Uniform quality for each strip

Unlike the screen printing process or common digital printing processes, qualitative uniformity is guaranteed for each unit produced. Each strip is identical to the other.

Colors unchanged over time

The treatment Selective UV protects and revives colors while retaining their brightness over time.

Different funds, same yield

The print quality remains unchanged even on backgrounds of different shades such as white or silver.

Reduction of waste

Made of 100% recyclable polypropylene. Choosing Winner® means reduce waste and promote eco-sustainability.

Relief print

Through the use of a special polymer paint it is possible to print logos and writings in relief while maintaining the print quality achieved by the new digital technology.

Winner® Catalog and Brochure

high definition winner digital print plate holder


Winner® is covered by a patent
of Invention European Patent.