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on boarding sales force training courses

Gen-Art Educational

Every year we accompany new collaborators in the role of GEN-ART seller throughout Italy! A priority commitment in company planning.


Learning Tradition: A program that enhances the professional growth of each Agent. A transmission of values, corporate culture and experiences that have characterized our path. Focus on Practicality: The courses are not just theory, but a practical experience. We want new Agents to acquire skills that are directly applicable in the reality of daily work. In addition to technical training, we offer moments of focus on the topics of strategic sales, pricing and negotiation. Sharing culture: Training is not only an opportunity to learn from experts, but also a way to connect with colleagues and share your knowledge. We foster an environment where everyone can learn from each other. Constant Updates: We are committed to keeping the courses always up to date, aware that training is never complete but a path of constant growth.


A training program is always active for new hires On Boarding intensive course lasting 6 months able to offer the necessary tools and skills on the Company's commercial policies and its products. In addition to theory, there is practice! with constant support from the relevant Management and product training days through questions that emerged "in the field", visiting customers in the first months in the company.

Content of high technical value in an engaging learning environment supported by industry professional speakers and various learning materials to facilitate learning are delivered through:


  • LIVE sessions
  • Educational Speech and distance learning
  • Conferences and round tables
  • Presentation of new products

Features and Benefits

Real expertise
Real expertise
Expert professionals in the sector.
Valuable content
Valuable content
To understand and resolve even complex topics.
Impeccable quality
Impeccable quality
A stable learning platform guarantees pleasant and easy-to-follow courses.
Continuous Updates
Continuous Updates
Content always in step with the latest trends in the sector.
Send and receive information in real time, screen sharing, chat and virtual blackboards.
Support materials in digital format. Ease of evaluating and saving the content presented.



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