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Booster Lithium 12V and 12 / 24V emergency starters

Regenerative for Diesel and Petrol engines

New generation emergency starters, ultra light, high performance.

RIGEN TANK - Multifunction fuel regenerator

Diesel and petrol supplies

It regenerates the original properties of the fuel and prevents it from aging due to serious problems such as corrosion, performance drops and engine and fuel system malfunctions.

TDB HYBRID - Wearproof Lubricant - TÜV Certified

Professional Assistance 600ml

Submicron based antiwear lubricant, preserves the fuel system and injectors. Drastically reduces friction and wear.

Technic's® Professional Assistance
Nanotechnology line

Professional Assistance

TECHNIC'S means choosing innovation and safety using treatments at the top of the category and formulations with a high chemical profile.

Technic's TDB07 - Industrial/Commercial Vehicles

Submicronic Anti-Wear Lubricant

Submicronic Anti-Wear Lubricant
Fuel System and Injectors, Diesel / Petrol.

Technic's ® TDB07 GPL

Professional Assistance 600ml

Anti-wear Submicronic Protective for LPG-fueled cars, forms a lubricating film on the parts subject to friction (pressure reducer, injectors and solenoid valves), preserving their operation.

WFS Wet Free System - Windshield protector

Nanopolymer treatment

Specially formulated for the hydrophobic treatment of glass in cars, industrial and commercial vehicles and means of transport. Enhance visibility and driving safety both day and night.

Corporate video


Battery operated portable tire inflator

Equipped with Convenient LCD Display

Excellent solution for any type of tire, low weight, usable with one hand.


Regenerative for Diesel and Petrol engines

It purifies the tank from pollutants such as sulfur deposits, mold and biomass. Eliminate condensation water.

AdB Treat - Stabilizer and Antiscalant
for AdBlue®

Developed for the care of the SCR System, Stabilizes AdBlue®

Prevents the formation of encrustations on the injector and on the SCR catalyst by extending the average life of both components. Recommended for every filling or refilling of AdBlue®.

Impact - Opaque headlight restoration treatment

Ideal for the functional recovery of the entire yellowed optical group

Restoration treatment for polycarbonate optical groups opacified by time and atmospheric agents (UV rays, high temperatures).

Hygien Spray Professional PMC

Disinfectant treatment

Request a certified cabin disinfection service with #HYGIENSPRAY registered product #PresidioMedicoChirurgico at the #MinisterodellaSalute.

Technic's TDB07 - Hightech Super Lubes - TÜV Certified

Submicronic Anti-Wear Lubricant

Strong ANTI-WEAR and ANTI-FRICTION power, maintains the stability of the fuel system, prevents rust and corrosion. It facilitates the moving parts of the fuel pump, unlocks the semi-blocked injectors and prevents deposits on the injectors.

OCTOPUS trolley


Ideal for periodic reviews and fast line services, time saving and movement optimization. Equipped with wheel supports at bridge height, high maneuverability, 360 ° rotation.