gen-art awarded ecovadis gold medal

Gen-Art awarded EcoVadis gold medal!

EcoVadis evaluations in sustainability
most reliable company in the world!

July 2022 - Following an ECOVADIS evaluation process
awards the gold medal to GEN-ART!

Gold - 5% of the best companies (overall score between 67 and 74)

“We are pleased with this important result that we set out to achieve in order to improve our sustainability practices. The EcoVadis evaluation is an important step to be efficient and grow our business "

The Direction Gen-Art

EcoVadis is the first collaborative platform it provides sustainability assessments and performance improvement tools for global supply chains. More than 90.000 multinational companies use EcoVadis to monitor their suppliers' CSR performance.

The EcoVadis methodology covers seven management indicatorsThrough 21 sustainability criteria, in four themes: Environment, Work and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Purchasing. It is based on major standards, such as GRI, UNGC and ISO 26000, and is supervised by an international scientific committee. EcoVadis evaluates the performance, analyzing the policies, actions and results of a company, as well as the inputs of third-party professionals and external stakeholders.

What are the scoring requirements and eligibility criteria needed
to get EcoVadis medals?

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